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Carousel Birthday Cupcakes

Orchids Giant Cupcake

Giant Cupcake Blue Flower

Little Mermaid and Sea Life Cupcakes

Cameo Marie Antoniette Cupcake

Marie Antoniette Gold Cupcakes

Gold Pearl Medallion Cupcake

Rockabilly Wedding Cake & Cupcakes tower

Hello Kitty Cake & Cupcakes

Thomas Train Birthday Cupcakes

New Baby Cakes

Delicious cakes and cupcakes for baby showers and baby births. A perfect gift to celebrate yours or a friends little bundle of joy.  Made with the finest ingredients and decorated to your desire, Fia Sweet Ideas can bake and create a delicious celebration cake.

Cameo Cupcakes

I ordered the Cameo cupcakes as a birthday present for my nan. Not only did they look amazing, they also tasted it! Thank you Fia Sweet Ideas! – Natalie, Greenwich

Cameo cupcakes are special and classic.  They are perfect gifts for a dear family member and delicious too!  Fia Sweet Ideas prides itself in creating and backing the most delectable cupcakes and these little gems are just that.

Large Birthday Cupcakes

Masterpieces!!! How wonderful super duper cute…

At Fia Sweet Ideas we love cupcakes!  We actually love them so much that we even make really big ones.  We bake and design bespoke large cupcakes for all kinds of occasions, but their particularly great for birthdays and weddings.



Artsy Bright Colourful Cupcakes

Arty and delightfully beautiful, Fia Sweet Ideas Artsy cupcakes blend a range of colours in unique and exceptionally tasty cupcakes.  With artistic inspiration that melts in delicious loveliness with every bite.